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Being an interior design enthusiast I’ve always loved so when several people mentioned that I should start selling my art through them, well, I guess I had to listen.  It’s a slow process…I have to physically upload all of the art I have for sale to their product listings.  AND since it’s different than Etsy (which I can do with my eyes closed now), it is taking me some time to get everything uploaded.   But anyway, it’ll all get done…eventually…

Malcolm the Giraffe – 24×36 Giraffe Painting

Has anyone noticed that I really like mint and purple lately?


24×36 Acrylic on Canvas

12×12 Silent Auction for the Lafayette Art Association

A new part of the 6×6 Fundraiser for the LAA is a 12″x12″ painting silent auction.  A few artists were asked to submit 12×12 paintings along with their 6x6s and I am honored to be included in that list!  Check out Yvette and Eli…bidding starts September 5th (contact the LAA if interested).








6×6 Paintings – Lafayette Art Association Fundraiser

The 2nd annual FUNdraiser for the Lafayette Art Association is coming up in September.  I didn’t get to make it to the actual event last year because the baby was literally just days old, but I am so excited to go this year.  It’s a great way to collect works from renowned artists in the area.  Buy a ticket, take home a painting!  I believe they go on sale at the end of August.

So last year I did 5 6×6 paintings which was really a challenge since I really don’t like to paint on small canvases.  This year I did 4 and for some reason it was much easier…maybe it was just my mood.   I think they came out pretty good.










Check out the Lafayette Art Association website for more info on the 6×6 fundraiser.

30% OFF with coupon code MOVINGSALE in my Etsy shop

Head on over to my Etsy shop!

30% OFF with code MOVINGSALE until the end of June!* I will be moving to a new studio in July and need to reduce the amount of stuff brought to the new location. Plus, I am getting ready to switch all of my canvases to gallery style. Out with the old, in with the new….and 30% off for you!


Just in case you were curious, here’s a photo of the new house/studio.  It’s still a work in progress, but I’m going to do a post about it once it’s all done.


Paintings from the last few months…

So in the beginning, it was easy to paint with the baby…now…not so much.  She’s crawling, she’s walking around furniture, she’s into everything.  AND we’re renovating a house.  Needless to say, I don’t have much time to do anything except the essentials.  I do have a few extra minutes this morning so here is what I’ve been up to lately…










Facebook Hiatus

Well, I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I’m not on Facebook anymore.  For years now I’ve debated deactivating my account, but a few weeks ago I actually did it….and it feels GREAT!  Now I know for marketing purposes social media is supposed to be good and if I could have kept my “Logan Berard Art” page activated while still deleting my personal account, I probably would have.  That wasn’t an option.  So, this sounds so stupid, but I feel like a better person now.  Facebook made me lazy.  You see, I’m an introvert, which is not an excuse.  I could stay “in touch” with friends and family without having to really do anything.  And because I knew all their business I never called them or visited or emailed.  When I deleted my account I promised myself that I would make an effort to connect more with the important people in my life and so far so good.  I’ve made play-dates with people I haven’t spoken to in months.  I’ve chatted with my best friend from college who moved away a couple of years ago.  When I think about someone I text them or call them.  All in all, I’m proud of myself and it feels good to actually stay in touch with people.  So if you want to stay in touch with me just email me.  I’ll email you back…and we’ll actually have a conversation.  :)

Fred the Great Dane

I just absolutely love this painting.  I was so worried when I found out this dog was a harlequin.  There are three things about painting pet portraits that are just so hard…brindled fur, harlequin fur, and tabby cats…all for the same reason.  It is SO hard to do shadows and define spots and stripes at the same time.  They’re all dark so sometimes they just don’t come out right.  This was my second attempt at painting Fred (sshhh don’t tell his mom).  The first one, well, it was just off.  I couldn’t get his left eye to look right because of the spots/shadow thingy so I ended up painting an eye patch over it because I got so frustrated.  That canvas is still sitting in my studio….it will probably be painted over.  The second attempt came out WAY better.  I figured I’d have to paint it the same way I paint cats.  See, normally I use a big brush and then gradually make it down to my tiny brush to add details.  For some reason for cats that doesn’t work. Their fur doesn’t show shadows like other animals so you have to kind of shade and add detail at the same time.  Anyway, once I got that technique down, Fred was good to go.

Patrick the Pig – 18″x24″ Pig Painting on Canvas

So I finally finished this painting.  I had sketched it out weeks ago, but, for multiple reasons (baby, cramped studio, endless laundry), never got around to actually painting it.  Now that it’s done someone needs to buy it since my house is OVERFLOWING with my artwork.  My paintings are colorful and cheery, but UGH, I’m tired of looking at them!  haha!



Petunia the Cow

Who doesn’t love a giant orange cow?


30″x40″ Acrylic painting on canvas