Cow Painting – Brutus the Highland Cow


24×36 Highland Cow Painting

Cow Painting – Boris the Cow

I started this painting months and months ago and it never really “spoke” to me.  The cow was mostly finished, the background was a happy mint green.  It was bleh.  So it sat propped up against my studio wall.  And then one day the little one was in my studio with me painting and she painted two big ole streaks of pink right across the cow’s nose.  I was like “Eh, I never really liked that one anyway.”  So months later, desperately trying to get as many paintings as I could together for the Big Easel I looked at this one and thought “Well, it’s MOSTLY finished…why not.”  So I fixed the pink streaks, put in a new background, and, I have to say, it is one of my favorites that I’ve done this year.  Boris is now hanging in the little one’s room.  She loves Boris.


30×30 Cow Painting on Canvas


Cow Painting, Longhorn Steer Painting – Joseph the Longhorn Steer, 30″x40″ Painting


30″x 40″ Longhorn Steer Painting

Big Easel Preview Show at Lounge Gallery

Here’s a photo of me hanging out with Wanda at Lounge Gallery for the March 12th Big Easel Preview show.  We’ll be around for the next Art Walk which is April 9th.  Come hang out with us!


The Big Easel is April 16th in River Ranch.  I have TONS of new paintings – most of them never seen before by anyone but my husband and mom – so y’all should come out and see them on the 16th!


Big Easel Preview Show – March 12 at Lounge Gallery

Come see Wanda at Lounge Gallery this Saturday (March 12) for the Big Easel Preview Show.  I’ll be there too!


Big Easel 2016

There’s nothing like a deadline to get me painting!  The Big Easel this year will be on April 16th from 9am-4pm.  For those of you who have not attended in the past, the Big Easel is a one day outdoor art show in River Ranch.  Last year was the first year I participated so I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I had a blast.  So many great artists were there…I was honored to be among them.


So in the past week I’ve worked on five painting (more on that later) and I’m super excited to work on more!


Franklin. That dirty pig!

When I’ve painted pigs in the past they’ve always been colorful…but clean.  And it’s my understanding that pigs are pretty dirty most of the time so I figured I’d paint a dirty pig.  A really muddy one.   Franklin had a good mud bath and kind of looks like he needs a nap!



30×40 Acrylic Pig Painting on Canvas


Logan Berard Paintings – Summer 2015

Whew, it’s been awhile.  After the Big Easel in May I was just plain ole pooped.  I hung a show with all of my available work at Lafayette Consolidated Government in June and after that decided I needed a vacation.  A stay-cation.

With my Etsy shop on “vacation” mode I had a wonderful summer with my little G.  We swam a lot, played outside (when it wasn’t too hot), and just relaxed.  It was much needed.  So now that summer is over, I’m back at it again.  I keep trying to paint a cow because I don’t really have that many right now, but every time I start I get a request for a custom piece.  So here’s what I’ve been working on.  Expect a lot more to come.  :)


Custom 24×24 acrylic on canvas


Custom 16×20 acrylic on canvas


Custom 16×16 acrylic on canvas


Custom 24×36 Acrylic on Canvas


Custom 16×16 Acrylic on Canvas

My two favorite artists – Mike Geno and Kat Crosby

A couple years ago I ripped a page from magazine of these incredible paintings…of cheese.   Yes cheese!  I had no information about these cheese paintings so I googled “cheese art” and Mike Geno’s name came up.  I want all of his paintings….literally.  When I went to his website I discovered that he paints donuts, bacon, and sushi too.  Genius!  I was so happy when Blake got me a print for my Birthaversary (we got married on my birthday…).  My favorite donuts are lemon filled so he go me this one…




Once a year the Lafayette Art Association holds a fundraiser.  Artists paint a bunch of 6×6 canvases, people buy tickets, each ticket gets you a painting.  It’s a great way to get small, affordable pieces by great artists.  Last year I was lucky to get one of Kat Crosby’s abstract pieces.  I’m picky about abstracts…they have to look “right”.  I have no idea what “right” is or how to explain it, but all of her paintings are amazing.  I got this one…

Since her tent was next to mine at the Big Easel this year I looked at her paintings all day and decided I had to have one.  I bought “Leather and Lace” a great piece with oranges and pinks…it looks amazing with my mint walls.

So yeah, my art collection is looking pretty good these days.  Oh, and the two photos up there ^^, those were taken by my husband.  He’s a great artist too.   :)



Big Easel 2015

A huge “Thank You” goes out to all the people that showed up for the Big Easel this year!   It went smoothly thanks to my awesome helper (Thanks Shelby!).  I had great time talking to people, mingling with other artists, and the weather was beautiful.  Oh, and a bonus, I got to meet Kat Crosby whose tent was right next to mine.  I’ve loved her work for awhile now, but had never met her.  And I bought another of her pieces.  Yay for art!