Hey y'all!

I always wanted to paint portraits...people portraits. Turns out I was no good at it so I painted a cow, and then another cow, and a llama, then a dog, then a cat and that's how I ended up here.  Thanks for stopping by!


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    Vacation time!

    Any orders placed this week will ship the week of August 29th. Thanks!

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    Custom Pet Portraits

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Custom Pet Portraits

I have not yet had time to put up all of the custom pet portrait options that I offer.  If you would like for me to do a custom pet portrait please email me@lbpaintings.com.  

I offer a range of sizes for custom pet portraits from 12"x12" to 36"x36".

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August 18, 2016

Horse Paintings - Argo and Sultan

Most of the time when I get a custom pet portrait order it's for a dog, sometimes a cat, and very rarely a horse.  Well this time it was for two horses!  Meet  Argo and Sultan.  I had so much fun with these two horse paintings.  Argo was the goofier of the two, as you can tell from the painting.  Also, using purple as a background is not commonly requested so I was thrilled to do Sultan's portrait. 
18"x24" Custom Horse Painting
18"x24" Custom Horse Painting

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August 18, 2016

All Logan Berard paintings are hand packaged using recycled packing materials.

One of the first animal paintings I shipped was at a UPS store.  I had them package the horse painting with their fancy peanuts and new box...it cost me $95.  In an effort to keep costs down for my customers I started using recycled packing materials.  Thanks to Amazon Prime and my habit for ordering everything online, I always seemed to have packaging laying about.  If you order one of my paintings, upon arrival it may not be the prettiest, but I assure you, it's expertly packaged with care by me.  

Look at all of that packing paper!

Logan Berard paintings uses recycled packaging for shipping



First, I wrap the animal painting in paper.  


Acrylic paint and plastic like to stick to each other so the paper acts as a barrier between the paint and the next layer...a garbage bag.  I've had packages left in the rain too many times so the garbage bag is just an extra layer of protection against moisture. 

Plus, if I puff a little air in it, it makes a protective air bubble around the painting.


Next, I "frankenstein" a box together.  I typically make the box/find a box with a 1-2" clearance on all sides of the painting and then about 4"-6" on top and bottom.  


 This allows the animal painting to be suspended in the middle with padding on all sides. The padding consists of whatever I have at the time, usually packing paper.  I wad it up and secure the corners first.  Then add more on the top, bottom, and sides to make sure the painting is stationary, but not so tightly packed that the wadded paper would dent the canvas.


When the painting is secure I tape up all sides covering any cracks with tape.  And that's it!  It's ready to ship!  


Please note:  This procedure is for animal paintings that ship in the USA only.  When shipping internationally I typically take the canvas off the frame and roll it in a tube (another post for another time).  If you would like an animal painting shipped internationally just email Me@lbpaintings.com and I will give you some more information.  





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August 18, 2016